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My claim is being slightly infringed upon by another claim.

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Someone must have put a claim very close to mine because I don't have the full 12 tiles each way from my claim block. One side stops at 11, and a portion of my claim only goes to 9 tiles or so.

I didn't have problems planting/farming before but now I get a ping on some squares so I checked and sure enough I'm short some squares on one side.

Would a Mod or Admin look into this please? Thanks.


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Must be someone that was in your friend list but then got removed ( by you or him/she) it does fuck up claim when it happen.

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Prototype6 wrote:Must be someone that was in your friend list but then got removed ( by you or him/she) it does fuck up claim when it happen.

Oh it must have been the guy right next door, Jellyfish Blob (hope I got that right). I haven't seen him for over 5 days though. Odd. Thanks Prototype6.

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as well, there does seem to be errors/glitches with some claim blocks. I have several blocks myself, and some do indeed cover 25x25. BUT some, do NOT cover the full area. There is even one block that covers the outside edge of its limit, BUT is missing holes inside it, according to testing.
And there is most definately no one with blocks remotely near me (well BrainBucket put one down accross the street from me AFTER I did my testing). SO it might just be glitching beyond anyones control.

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Yes also possible , I had a claim changed size not to long ago , i tested and he covered the 25x25 but when cherise tested it back after my farm got raided it was covering 24x25

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a little while back another player (cannot remember which server) asked me to test the boundaries of his claim block.
he dropped it in the middle of a grassy wooded area far far from any other claimed areas and dropped wood frames I would hit til I was able to not get the ding of protected area.
I believe it was supposed to be either 25x25 or 31x31, but, depending on just where he placed it, a portion of the protected area was cut off (ie 25x20 or the like) or, in a different spot he had the full area coverage, but the block was not in the center of the protected area. was very odd. We didn't try more than a couple spots as it became night and we kept getting attacked by feral zombies:)

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