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The Maze Rules and Guide

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1The Maze Rules and Guide Empty The Maze Rules and Guide on Wed Jan 21, 2015 4:21 pm

1) No killing each other.
2) Time limit will be set by mod prior to start of event.
3) Inventories must be emptied prior to start of event.
4) Only light permitted to be used are Miner's Helmets and if you do not have one, ask a mod and they will loan you one.
5) 4 players per event and to be fair with each event players who have not participated yet will be selected first.
6) Each player only gets one life.
7) Rules are subject to change.


Each player will run the outside ring until they choose a door to enter.  Once a door is chosen they will close the door (one player per door).  There are four doors, one on each side.  You will then be in a room with a storage chest filled with random items to help you on your journey.  Once the mod says to start the players will exit the room and will run the maze until they find the spot on the floor covered with glass and a candle below it.
The Maze Rules and Guide BG2ds5F
Once this is found they will climb the ladder and be faced with a tough decision.  There will be four doors.
The Maze Rules and Guide 1UZs6E8
The player first there will choose the door they wish to enter.  Once inside the outer door will be closed and locked.  They will then proceed through another door and have a 1 in four chance of winning.  The other three rooms will be filled with zombies.  This is what the rooms look like.
The Maze Rules and Guide 1dhC3wW
Don't worry if you pick the wrong room.  Once the zombies are dead you will be allowed to exit the room and choose another.

Oh yea. I may have forgot to warn you, but there will be zombies and dogs running around the maze as well.

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