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new recipes

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1new recipes Empty new recipes on Thu Jan 22, 2015 6:48 pm

thanks for all the new recipes in game, quite a bunch of new ones.

I do have two issues however.  the biggest one is that a fair number of them require "dirt".
In the crafting box it shows it as the double pyramid dirt as you see it when you dig it up.  however, I have yet to harvest "dirt".  all I have harvested dirtwise is "fertile dirt" which will NOT work in those recipes.  an example of how to fix this, if desired, is:

Originally posted by old:
  <recipe name="brickDecayed" count="2" scrapable="False" craft_time="5" >
      <ingredient name="dirt" count="1" grid="0, -1"/>
      <ingredient name="brick" count="1" grid="0, 0"/>

Originally posted by new:
  <recipe name="brickDecayed" count="2" scrapable="False" craft_time="5" >
      <ingredient name="fertileDirt" count="1" grid="0, -1"/>
      <ingredient name="brick" count="1" grid="0, 0"/>

just replace all dirt with fertileDirt

The recipe for cremedrywall calls for crushed sand and concrete. there is no longer a recipe for "concrete". might have to change it for concrete trim or the like.

also, still missing sinks:)

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2new recipes Empty Re: new recipes on Thu Jan 22, 2015 9:45 pm

Thanks for pointing that out, I didn't have much time to test the new recipes before adding them so those got overlooked. I'll get them fixed soon, as well as adding sinks.

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