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Cherise's Event 1-28-2015

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1Cherise's Event 1-28-2015 Empty Cherise's Event 1-28-2015 on Mon Jan 26, 2015 2:57 am

RAWR and Hello!

Looking for 2 even teams. This event is a capture the flag. Id you will be participating, please comment with your name below.


  • Remove ALL of your upper body clothing and armor, you will be given a colored shirt to wear to indicate your team.

  • It is suggested that you place a bedroll somewhere inside the arena so that you can spawn back. Unlike the PvE portion of the area, death does not mean that you are out of the game. The only place you CANNOT place a bedroll is in the base of the other team.

  • You may bring your own food/drink but some will be provided for you.

  • You will be given antibiotics and first aid kits at the beginning of the even to distribute evenly among your team members.

  • When the doors are opened, you will have the opportunity to search the arena for weapons/ammo/ and misc stuff that you may need.

  • There are 2 bases which you can use as is, OR improve. The only rule with the bases... you must make your teams safe accessible to the other team as that is the point of the game is to protect your item.



Each team has an item located in their gun safe that cannot be made by players. You must remove that item from the safe by putting it on your belt (not in your bag) so that if you die someone  can still get the item to continue the game. If the item disappears, let me know and I will fix the issue.

To win, you must keep the item from the other teams safe in your safe for 3 minutes. Once this happens, your team wins.

We will do 3 rounds. At the end of each round, people may join or leave so that there is room for all who wish to play.

GOOD LUCK TO ALL. You're gonna need it.

Cherise's Event 1-28-2015 CheriseSig
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