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Land Claim Block

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1Land Claim Block Empty Land Claim Block on Sun Nov 02, 2014 11:16 pm

Here we go , I'll try to cover as much as I can about the beautiful Land Claim Block.

Let's start by going over what this block does:
It will protect all the block inside is radius. The protection varies from a server to another but on the best server ,Black Market Heroes PVE Server, it give indestructibility to the blocks.
This protection will decay if you don't come only for 5 real days. The protection won't protect the block against Zombies and friends on your friend list.
It also won't stop people from opening your chest and door ( always lock them).


: The radius is 25x25 block, 12 in every direction and cover from the bottom of the map to the skylimit.
There is also another radius covering 50x50 called the deadzone preventing player ( other than you and your friendlist)
from laying a claimblock. On the sole purpose of preventing claim overlapping.
Land Claim Block 2014-114

If the claim you try to place show up red, It means you are in someone else deadzone.
Land Claim Block 2014-115

I think it cover most of the imformation about the Claim Block make sure to visit this link
for more useful tips.

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