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Sarkham and the house of Zen

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1Sarkham and the house of Zen Empty Sarkham and the house of Zen on Tue Nov 04, 2014 2:17 am

Hello everyone and thanks Yama for the Kudo's, but remember YOU made it happen!!

I live in the Zen Forest almost directly West of the Loot House in town ( Does our Town have a name ??). It is the three story trussing house with the stone sculptures. It is less than a five minute sprint from the loot house. Behind the main house at Zen is the crystal cube which offers free drink,food, an occasional good book, with dry clothes for the newest of travelers. Take what you need but be mindful of the person who might follow you so they too can get refreshment.

When not at the Zen house I stay in the Northeastern part of the USA were the winter winds are blowing through the end of autumns splendor. The same can probably be said for my own life. While I can't quite remember the dinosaurs, I do remember the public release of Pong. I still haven't gotten over the video addiction. and well frankly some things just should never change!!!!!!!!

Safe travels Friend


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