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alpha 10 release

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1alpha 10 release Empty alpha 10 release on Sat Nov 22, 2014 1:18 pm

quote from dev blog, posted approx. 2am Saturday morning.

"So we wanted to release today, but found an animation bug that was sporadic where a player wouldn’t see other players animate, and it took most the day to figure it out. We fixed it, but we wanted all hands on deck before we released it in case there were any problems (our European partners) so we postponed the release until Saturday and tested all night. We found one more bug, and the heat map somehow isn’t working. So hopefully that’s an easy fix, we’re wanting to release tomorrow afternoon.
"Well here’s the pimp fort, or what we could build in 7 days. In the last shot you can see the horde invasion. I don’t know what happened, but they tore through our base and had me on the run in the lake. RIP madmole and Kinajuu lol.

Even without heat map zombies, we got our asses kicked. Should have had some spiked traps and made some ammunition. Oh well it’s fun to learn from our mistakes, and adapt to new challenges. That fort would have easily held up in a9 or previous builds, but the AI is so much better now. They didn’t go for that one door I had by the trussing they were crawling all over the fort hitting us from various angles. I retreated to the last oh shit room and that was it, they breached it in seconds. I ran for it, tread water swimming away from dogs all night, went back at dawn and got a little over confident with my sledgehammer and got tagged, stunned, surrounded and became zombie food. Good times though. I hope you guys enjoy this build as much as I have."

Seeing that this was listed as posting approx. 2am eastern time Saturday, not sure if that means it was written very late Friday night intending to release Saturday afternoon or means sunday afternoon.  suppose it depends on their time zone heh.

From the base wipe he mentions it sure sounds like A10 is going to be much more challenging, which I for one am looking forward to. Base attacks right now, for me, are rare and more an annoyance than a real danger, with little damage.

Though had an odd thing happen last night when I decided to get a bit of 7dtd fix in and was augering the ground inside my castle. it was around 1900-2000 and I found myself getting whacked from behind by a non-spider zombie, even though my walls were finished and spider zombie proof, let alone 'normal' zombie proof against climbing.
once I turned off my auger I realized my castle was invaded. seems a dozen or so zombies were on top of my partially built main tower. I guess they spawned there due to noise? Attracted by noise levels I understand but spawning inside my castle out of thin air? It just ain't right!

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