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Server Info and Rules

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1Server Info and Rules Empty Server Info and Rules on Thu Nov 27, 2014 10:13 pm

Welcome to the Black Market Heroes PVE Server. As the name implies, this is a Player VS Environment server, and unwarranted player-killing and griefing is not tolerated. Players have a right to defend themselves if they are being attacked, or their home is in real danger. To be clear, your home is NOT in danger if it is being hit by a player, but it is properly claimed (hits will ding instead of causing normal damage and sound).

Hacking is clearly not tolerated, and if any player is caught in the act, they will be banned without notification or warning. Exploits and duping are also frowned upon, mostly because by using these methods you will (and you will) attract the attention of the admins. My advice? Use your wisest discretion.

Finally, please do not cause damage to the main city of the map (at the center: 0 N/S, 0 E/W). Many players other than yourself pass through the city, making it not only a home to some, but also starter shelter for newbies, and a looting zone for almost all players within 1000 degrees of center. If you wish to live in the city, please submit an application for land claims through the Department of Urban Planning.

There are several community areas on the map. If you wish to build near people just ask where they are. DO NOT build right on top of someone. If you build too close to someone and they ask you to move, then do so. If you bring it to a MODs attention then whomever was there first, stays. Do not be jerks to your fellow players by not respecting their space.

Zombies = Run at Night

Loot respawn = 3 in-game days

Loot = 100%

Airdrops = Every 24 in-game hrs  

Land claims protect 25x25 blocks and expire after 5 days of inactivity.

Offline and Online durability is full protection.  

This server is PvE and unprovoked killing of players is not tolerated. however, players who wish to PvP with one another are free to do so, just don't involve other players who don't wish to PvP. In the absense of an admin/mod, a shoot on sight policy applies to players who kill unprovoked. You have the right to defend yourself and your claim.  

No griefing/destroying player structures No harassing/abusing other players.

Please be respectful to other players and the server staff. Disrespect will NOT be tolerated.  

No intentional item duplicating or exploits  

Many buildings in 0,0 ARE claimed by Mods so that all players may have access to loot, not just people that block up the buildings. Buildings claimed are ones that have munitions crates, the gun store, and the hardware stores.

Team Speak 3 Server is: pass=clanloa  

If you have an issue, or need help please post it on the forums.

For the custom recipes please go to the following link:

Server Info and Rules CheriseSig
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