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I am Sgtsplat

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1I am Sgtsplat Empty I am Sgtsplat on Wed Dec 17, 2014 3:36 am


Hello, I am Sgtsplat, have been for nearly 20 years (don't trust the imitations out there) and I am a RL friend of Greyark and Tib. I have experimented with a few other multiplayer servers but this one seems really nice. Been playing 7DTD for a while but love that the game keeps changing and I am always having to learn new stuff (like making canned food, whooohoooo!!!).

I have established a small base (will get location soon) where I am hoping to enjoy lovely views of the river and work on sustainable living, mostly through smart planting techniques. If you come by, take some but please leave some, one so I can eat, two to be able to harvest the seeds and plant more. That way as my area grows it will be a good place for folks to grab a snack.

The house itself will be locked however.

Hope to see you all, and please don't shoot me with crossbow bolts.


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