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Help to Recover Block from Building in City or, Can I live in the city?

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Hi, I may have goofed and moved into one of the old broken down buildings in the main city, against ordnance. I don't mind moving out into the wilds, did like the fancy house, but now I am out of a land claim block.
How do I get more?
How do I pick up the one I still have in that building?
Can it be plucked and replaced in my inventory?

Without one I wont be able to have a secure place to live (from you people, not the zombies hehe)

Thanks for any help

Alternatively you could let me move back into my mansion.

You should be able to just break apart your own claim block and take it with you. Hope that helps. If not a mod will help you.

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Yep, what Lotus said. Just take a pickaxe/auger to it and destroy it and pick it up. If for some reason you can't or your claim expired and someone else took it then let a mod know or post here and we'll get you a new one.

As for moving back into your mansion you'll have to take that up with someone else, I haven't actually been playing lately so no clue what you're talking about.

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4Help to Recover Block from Building in City or, Can I live in the city? Empty Thanks for all help on Sat Dec 27, 2014 4:27 pm

Thanks Tink for helping me out. Got my stuff moved out and left about four storage boxes unlocked there (mostly empty).

I was under the impression that we were not to move into buildings within the main city as to give early players and all players guaranteed looting.


You can live in the buildings but if not in the main buildings such as police station , hardware store, library, gun store, any building that has important/useful loot. You can ask an admin to live in one of you make parts of it accessible to the public for looting.

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