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Cherise's Event 1-7-15

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1Cherise's Event 1-7-15 Empty Cherise's Event 1-7-15 on Tue Jan 06, 2015 6:40 am

Fort Night.

Winner of the game gets their choice of item (within reason).  

Game starts promptly at 1300 EST (100 PM)

This will be a tower defense type of event. There will be 2 prizes awarded at the end of the event:

Arrow Last (wo)man standing    king

Arrow Person who showed the most team work   cheers

How it works:

Crates will be dropped at a designated location. When beginning of the event is called participants will loot the crates. Your best bet for survival is to divvy up the loot between the participants. Make sure everyone has a weapon, ammo, and other supplies. You will have 10 minutes to build a base to defend. After 10 minutes, zombies will be spawned around the base. It will be the job of the participants to survive and help each other survive. Zombies will spawn every 5 minutes until there is only one player left alive.


1. If you die, you are out of the event. Do not ask.

2. There is still no PvP.

3. You may only use the weapon(s) provided. If you use an outside weapon, you will be disqualified.


If you fail to listen to directions or try to manipulate the event in any way, you will be sent back to your base for a time out. By this I mean that I will shoot you, and kill you. That is the warning. If you see people on today, have them read this post so they know what is going on. Most of all, have fun!

On a side note, any player that dies during the event will be given antibiotics to make their wellness go back up.

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