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thanks all

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1thanks all  Empty thanks all on Sat Nov 29, 2014 6:32 am

I gave my stuff to the first player that logged on and needed a home, because I just can't play on this server anymore    too frustrating. Now don't get me wrong... you all do an amazing job and everyone is helpful but this update has so many problems and I also think the server has trouble with the "load" .

Many times my movement is like I am walking in sand. I have lagged off my house and into my own zombie traps. I was stuck at 20%  health for days (until i took an antibiotic even though i wasn't sick ) eating venison stew did not even help. I would log in and die, lose stuff. My mine, which due to only having one LCB was under my house  ( a prefab in a small village)  produced nothing but stone..... I had 20 stacks of 64 stone and did not hit one vein of anything so you know i did alot of digging, but still came up empty. So i think somehow this was bugged too. I tried to change my clothes one day, and they all disappeared. I opened a chest and got a "your are not hungry message" and it was a good thing because select parts of my food inventory disappeared ( namely my "fresh meat and eggs"

because of the upcoming holidays, and the demands on time it brings with it, I just decided it was time to go.

You guys are a great bunch of helpful players and I will certainly look forward to playing with you all again.... but for now I have to step away.

good luck

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2thanks all  Empty Re: thanks all on Sat Nov 29, 2014 6:39 am

Sorry to see you go. I don't know why some people are having more troubles with the server then others. The stone I have no idea about as mining always seemed like a bit of a guessing game to me. Hopefully, you'll stop by again from time to time. They (mods and admin) have been working hard to fix the issues and I'm sure we will see multiple patches in the times a head. Good luck on your adventures!

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