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Alpha 10 Idea for the server

Main town as pvp area ?

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1Alpha 10 Idea for the server Empty Alpha 10 Idea for the server on Tue Nov 04, 2014 3:34 am

As you might have heard Code date for alpha 10 was this weekend, meaning there is 1-3 week left before it is live.
Server will get restarted for the update and I want to use this topic to collect idea on how to improve the server!

Let's start :

As for now full disable of friendly fire is impossible due to constraint on the game side. If the option do come in alpha 10 how would you like friendly fire to be set ?

Idea for the new server : Building a gigantic indestructible wall around main town to make it the pvp zone where people can go and kill each other in the ruins of the ancient world.
It would be well indicated and have only 4 entrance to avoid confusion. It would also be entirely claimed to prevent people from camping all the time in the zone.

Let me know what you think. Player opinion is important.

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2Alpha 10 Idea for the server Empty Re: Alpha 10 Idea for the server on Tue Nov 04, 2014 12:47 pm


I am definitely in support of a PVP zone that is central so players have normalized travel times to-from the location. My only reservation is with making the entire city a PVP zone, since that would keep the city from being used as a lootable zone by non-PVP players. I assume the majority of players at most times would opt not to willingly enter a PVP zone and go for loot elsewhere.

I think this might be easily resolved by splitting the city in half, using the North half (which is narrower) as the PVP zone, possibly extending outward to the East with some custom structures, and then keeping the South half un-walled and open to the regular players as a PVP-free loot zone. We can build some markers along the North road to indicate to players entering the city that way to go around the walls. Or they can just wander in and get obliviously capped, either way haha.

Another concern would be tracking PK'ers outside of the PVP zone, especially at times when none of the admins were on to witness the incident. At the moment, new PK's on a player's record are always indicative of some kind of incident, but with a PVP zone, they may just have been from a good day in the city. At that point it seems like there would be a lot of relying on 3rd party information without better methods of tracking. Probably wouldn't cause too many problems, but still worth considering.

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3Alpha 10 Idea for the server Empty Re: Alpha 10 Idea for the server on Wed Nov 05, 2014 8:09 am


Since its random gen and there is more than 1 town. Why not choose another town to be a pvp town. Instead of dividing one town into pvp and pve. I think it will be confusing to new players. This way the pvp people can live together in those area vs. the pve people.

I don't mind a pvp town, just a heads up to mods. It will be more work to investigate if people complain about pvp while we are offline or didn't witness the situation.


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4Alpha 10 Idea for the server Empty Re: Alpha 10 Idea for the server on Sat Nov 08, 2014 10:26 pm

I'm not sure how the pvp will work if it's mostly turned off. If there was a way to turn it off for most places and still have one or two arena areas that would be cool. If pvp has to stay on though for all areas, how will mods know that pvp is taking place in designated zones? If it was just half a town there would have to be some major construction to block off an area. With huge claimed walls I could see it in the city, with maybe like a couple entrances on each side. My concern would be will having a pvp area in the same city as pve stuff cause issues for some people's pcs?

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5Alpha 10 Idea for the server Empty Re: Alpha 10 Idea for the server on Sat Nov 08, 2014 10:55 pm

Well actually you guys convinced me, I change my vote , pvp town isn't a good idea. Too many people aren't honest enough.

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