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Cant say there are no zombies on this server!

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1 Cant say there are no zombies on this server! on Thu Nov 27, 2014 12:23 pm

So I was pretty much the only one on late last night, other then a random  person poping in....

Decided I would go hunt me some Munitions crates down...
Lets just say 1 death and almost 800 rounds of rifle and pistol rounds later, I now own a sniper part and two smg parts...

But this is what I had to deal with!

Easily 50 zombies after me at one time...Thats a police station, and they just poured out of it and the theatre next to it...It was non-stop. As soon as I killed one, another spawned and worked its way towards me. +200 or so zombie kills in 30 minutes.

Was Very Fun!

Edit: Apparently I can not post links right now and adding an image thing is also not working for me..

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